Sensirion sensors in Atmel host system for IoT and wearable devices

November 04, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
Sensirion has partnered with Atmel to create an easy-to-use and power efficient sensor hub solution. The partnership enables Sensirion to provide its customers with turnkey sensor hub solutions.

The development also allows designers to create smarter, connected devices including mobile devices and wearables.

Atmel’s sensor hub solutions combine inputs from different sensors, which range from motion sensors to environmental sensors, such as Sensirion‘s humidity and temperature sensors. These sensor hub solutions not only provide real-time direction, orientation and inclination data, but also now include environmental information, for applications including gaming, navigation, augmented reality, and contextual awareness.

"As devices get smarter and more connected, there is an increasing need for environmental sensors, such as humidity and temperature," said Johannes Winkelmann, Technology Evangelist, Sensirion.
“With the increasing number of sensors in consumer devices today, low power is a key differentiator specifically for battery-powered devices,” said Espen Krangnes, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Atmel Corporation.