Sensor Platforms software library now supports mobile applications

July 23, 2012 // By Nicolas Mokhoff
Sensor Platforms has announced its FreeMotion library of software algorithms and middleware now supports all major mobile microprocessors, in addition to previously announced support for all sensors used in smartphones and tablets.

The supported microprocessors include: 32-bit embedded processors such as ARM’s Cortex-M, Atmel’s AVR and Freescale’s ColdFire families used as sensor hubs; and 64-bit application processors such as Intel’s Atom, nVidia’s Tegra, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, and TI’s OMAP processors used in smartphones and tablets.

The Library uses the same code base whether it is implemented as a software module running on an application processor, or as firmware embedded in a sensor hub.

Independence from processor instruction set and hardware architecture enables Sensor Platforms to work with all accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes and barometers from such leading vendors as Aichi Steel, AKM, Bosch, Freescale, Honeywell, InvenSense, Kionix, MEMSIC, ST Microelectronics and Yamaha.

“Sensor Platforms will continue to extend its platform software to process and interpret sensor data, thus allowing new classes of applications to improve user interaction by understanding user contexts and intents,” said Ian Chen, Executive Vice President of Sensor Platforms in a statement.