Set top box single chip integrates DVB-T2 front end

January 09, 2013 // By Nick Flaherty
ST Microelectronics has launched a set top box system on chip that integrates the DVB-T2 decoder for HD boxes and PVRs.

The STiH253 digital video broadcast decoder integrates a single DVB-T2 demodulator for highly integrated terrestrial set-top box.
The front end block supports DVB-C, DVB-T and DVB-T2 demodulators and FECs and sits alongside an ST40 applications CPU with 256 Kbyte L2 cache. The 16-bit memory unit supports DDR2 and DDR3 up to 667 MHz (DDR3-1333) and the chip uses the latest generation Delta decoder with ST231 core for the decoding of H.264, MPEG2, VC-1 and AVS HD or SD video streams. It supports 3DTV decoding and display, compatible with HDMI 1.4b
and has connectivity via two USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet MII/RMII/TMII port, SD/eMMC card port, Gen II (3 Gbit/s) eSATA port and PCI-e port.
The center of ST’s expanded family of set-top box (STB) system-on-chip (SoC) ICs is an enhanced processing engine with integrated on-chip features for more efficient end-product design. This robust processing engine enables operators to use lower-cost memory while meeting the latest low-power objectives. These STB SoCs support the full range of HD broadcast and multimedia codecs, hybrid and IP standards, as well as the latest security and content-protection standards with integrated critical middleware stacks from the leading providers.
ST’s chip family expands access to HD zappers, PVRs, Internet Protocol (IP) clients and dual-HD boxes supporting connected-TV services (Internet Protocol TV), information channels and Over-The-Top (OTT) video, gaming, catch-up TV and social networking.
Another addition in the Company’s set-top box portfolio, the STiH271EL, is aimed at price-sensitive markets requiring basic zapper functionality without compromise in the video performance.
The new devices add to ST’s existing line-up of SoCs for generic IP (STiH207), HD cable/terrestrial (STiH273), and HD satellite (STiH237, STiH239) set-top box applications. Pin and software compatibility throughout the family enables OEMs to optimize their design effort across multiple customer/operator cases.
“Across-the-board compatibility of ST’s family of set-top box SoCs is a key advantage for Jiuzhou,” said Huang Wei, Sales Director for Jiuzhou, a leading Chinese set-top box