Shapeable LED backlight is up to 97% thinner than alternatives

August 29, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Lumex has launched what it claims to be the industry's first shapeable LED backlight, in which holes can be cut in virtually any shape to accommodate switches or other components on a PCB.

This combination of flexible and shapeable LED backlight technology opens the door to a broad new range of LED backlight applications completely customizable in any shape, size or color on both flat and curved surfaces. It provides a brightness of up to 20cd/m2, making the technology ideal for applications where non-jarring, natural, soothing lighting is required.

The ultra-thin QuantumBrite LED backlight viewing area has a profile height of just 0.125mm, up to 97% thinner than traditional LED backlight technology and up to 79% thinner than alternative flexible LED backlight options, claims the manufacturer. The ultra-thin surface is textured with patterns specially designed for enhanced light distribution, resulting in up to 30% more uniform light distribution compared to alternative flexible backlights. The new shapeable LED backlight also generates cost savings at prices up to 30% less expensive than electroluminescent (EL) and 50% less expensive than fiber optic backlights. The RoHS compliant QuantumBrite Shapeable Backlight technology is available in custom sizes.

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