Sigfox FCC-certified long-range RF transceiver from Microchip

October 27, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Microchip claims the first FCC-certified – certified also for use in Europe – fully integrated RF transceiver and kits for developing IoT solutions for use on the Sigfox network; the ready-to-run package offers easy connectivity and low-power consumption for devices running on Sigfox’s dedicated IoT network.

The ATA8520E transceiver is the first fully Sigfox-certified chip for North America and Europe and is supported by a standalone evaluation kit and Xplained PRO development boards. It hosts Microchip’s highly integrated ATA8520E, a low-power RF transceiver with an integrated AVR microcontroller. The kits contain the first FCC-certified board that allows developers to connect to Sigfox’s long-range, two-way global IoT network resulting in a low-cost, low-power device-to-cloud connectivity solution.


The product is available in two versions. Customers can either purchase Microchip’s Sigfox-certified ATA8520-EK as a standalone kit, designed primarily to test the technology, or as a kit combined with an Xplained PRO board for system-design purposes. Both are dedicated for Sigfox’s IoT network in the licence-free ISM bands. The solutions come complete with the Sigfox library, modulation, ID and PAC code, and a security key enabling IoT developers to help get their design to market. Sigfox is currently operating in 24 countries and registering over 8 million devices in its network.


The ATA8520x family offers a lowest power sub-GHz System-on-Chip (SoC) transceiver designed to maximise range and battery life for power-sensitive wireless systems, using 868 MHz in Europe and 902 MHz in North America. There are currently four types of development kits available today for both US and European networks.