Signal and power integrity, 3D-EM solving, and rule checking merged in single simulation environment

April 04, 2016 // By Julien Happich
In its latest HyperLynx release, Mentor Graphics integrates signal and power integrity analysis, 3D-electromagnetic solving, and fast rule checking into a single unified environment.

Aiming at high-speed digital PCBs, the company puts forward a tool that offers designers a complete set of analysis technology, spanning a wide range of underlying simulation engines and a graphical user interface (GUI) that supports both quick/interactive and exhaustive batch-mode analysis.

Rather than having to switch from one application to the next for different types of analysis, the new HyperLynx tool now offers 2D/3D signal and power integrity analysis in a single application, with one GUI. Users can simulate a critical SERDES channel one minute, and then by selecting a single new menu item, switch to analysis of a large power net’s decoupling.

Mentor has combined a very fast geometry extraction engine and advanced materials modeling (for wideband dielectrics, copper roughness, etc.) to produce highly accurate simulations. The new HyperLynx release implements a ‘decompositional’ analysis flow mixing 2D and 3D solvers to reduce simulation time by orders of magnitude compared to full-wave 3D. Multiple enginescomprising two 2.5D solvers,a fast DC/IR-drop simulator, and a fast quasi-static 3D solver merge to enable a full set of power-integrity features, all of which are available side-by-side in the same application as the HyperLynx signal-integrity capabilities. A second, more-advanced 2.5D solver is capable of pure power and mixed signal-and-power modeling, which can be used to add accuracy to SI simulations when simultaneous-switching-noise (SSN) complications are suspected.