Signal conditioning ASIC targets MEMS gyroscopes

November 19, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Si-Ware Systems has developed and is supplying a high performance conditioning ASIC for Tronics' new GYPRO2300 gyroscope.

The SWS conditioning ASIC along with Tronics' MEMS element produces a gyroscope that has best in class performance when compared with other gyroscopes in the market today, claims the company. The GYRPO2300 has a bias instability (Allen variance) of 1 degree per hour, an ultra-low noise density of 10o/h/Sqrt(Hz), and an excellent thermal bias stability of +/- 0.05 degrees per second. SWS supported Tronics in the characterization of its MEMS gyroscope, which was enabled through SWS's MEMS development platforms. SWS also worked closely with Tronics on the integration and industrializiation of the gyroscope module.

Earlier this year SWS launched its SWS61111 Inertial Sensor Development Platform, which enables companies themselves to characterize their MEMS sensors at an early stage. The SWS61111 utilizes SWS's high performance inertial sensor interface ASIC, the SWS1110. The SWS1110 is a highly configurable ASIC that can be interfaced with accelerometers and gyroscopes in open- and closed-loop (force-feedback) operation.

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