Signal conditioning board supports up to 16 miniature measuring amplifiers

September 06, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Up to 16 miniature measuring amplifiers can be integrated on the amplifier board BP16 from BMC Messsysteme GmbH. Sensor signals are adjusted to the current measurement task for each channel separately.

The backplane provides power supply and leads the amplifier outputs through to a common connector to be attached to the inputs of a PC data acquisition system. The different amplifiers can be installed in any order at the 16 slots of the BP16. A great variety of MAL amplifier modules is available. MAL modules, for example, can be used for the conditioning of voltage and current signals as well as for PT100, thermocouple (type K), and strain gauge measurements. To galvanically isolate channels from each other, the isolation amplifiers of the MAL-ISO series is available.

This allows interference-free, dynamic measurements and protects DAQ system and PC against high potentials. This feature is absolutely necessary for the automotive sector. The BP16 is powered with 9-40V or 5V. The isolated power supply unit is used to operate the connected measuring amplifiers and provides 5V, 120mA sensor supply. Sensor signals are adjusted to the ±5V range and are led out to a 37-pin D-Sub standard female connector. Integrated in a robust aluminium housing suitable for DIN rail mounting, the amplifier backplane is especially suitable for operation in vehicles, laboratories, or mobile use.

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