SILICA and Avnet Memec merge for EMEA

April 28, 2015 // By Julien Happich
Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, a business region covered by electronic distributor Avnet, Inc has decided to enhance the selling strength of its two semiconductor distribution organizations SILICA and Avnet Memec by combining the sales forces of both distributors into one.

The change to be effective June 29, 2015 are described as the logical conclusion to a long time collaboration with shared IT, finance, operations and assets. Although the two entities become one to extend close sales collaboration to all of EMEA, the demand creation activities, technical marketing and application support will remain separate.

The Memec name will be retained to help drive specific marketing and demand creation (design-win) efforts.

“This collaboration has evolved over a long period and proven to be very effective both at the sales side in some smaller countries and the operational side of the business across Europe. Making SILICA and Avnet Memec one company across Europe with two distinctive demand creation forces will help us drive scale and focus for many exclusive manufacturer relationships” said Miguel Fernandez, president of Avnet EM EMEA in a statement.

The new, combined organization will be led by Mario Orlandi, the president of SILICA.

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