Silicon carbide 1200V FETs in distribution

May 08, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Richardson RFPD can supply Cree's 1200V, 80 milliohm silicon carbide MOSFETs; the second-generation Z-FET offers higher system efficiency, smaller size, and claims cost parity with silicon-based solutions.

The second-generation SiC Z-FET 1200V MOSFET C2M0080120D delivers industry-leading power density and switching efficiency, at half the cost-per-amp of Cree’s previous-generation MOSFETs. At this price-to-performance point, the new device lowers system costs for OEMs and provides additional savings to the end-user through increased efficiency and lower installation costs, due to the lower size and weight of SiC-based systems. Features include; high-speed switching with low capacitances; high blocking voltage with low RDS(on); avalanche ruggedness; resistant to latch-up; and easy parallel connection, with simple drive arrangements. The devices come in a TO-247-3 package.

Richardson RFPD,