Silicon carbide 1.2kV, 120A half-bridge module for 30-60 kW power conversion

December 10, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Cree has added a 1.2kV 120A half-bridge module with all-silicon-carbide semiconductors, to boost performance and yield system-level cost savings in 30 kW - 60 kW power conversion systems.

Built with Cree's C2M MOSFET technology, the CAS120M12BM2 module offers 2.1 mJ of total switching losses, a figure that is 14x lower than similarly rated IGBT4 modules. Positioned as a lower priced alternative to the existing CAS100H12AM1 module, the CAS120M12BM2 allows easy design-in due to its industry standard 62 mm package and the simple drive requirements of the C2M MOSFETs. Cree says that this module represents a new price/performance point for SiC technology, enabling simpler, lower cost systems with higher efficiency and reliability in applications such as induction heating, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, solar inverters, and line regenerative motor drives.