Simplified processes for LTE-Advanced device testing

September 17, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
To enable rapid early-stage development of LTE-Advanced devices, Anite has launched an LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) Scenario Mode capability in its Development Toolset. Scenario Mode, a graphical interface, enables engineers without specific programming skills to quickly and effectively develop and edit test scripts.

Users of Anite’s LTE-A Scenario Mode are able to create most types of tests – even the most complex ones – through a simple drag-and-drop graphical interface. It offers a procedure-based rather than a message-based approach to script creation, which can make test creation simpler and faster. The user creates a complete test by assembling procedure blocks without necessarily working through each message in detail.

The Development Toolset provides users with flexibility and control to quickly validate complex lower-layer test scenarios, with access to a suite of tools that supports the entire wireless device development lifecycle, from pre-silicon protocol module development through to systems integration and verification.

Anite recently announced that it was first to release a flexible and comprehensive eICIC enriched LTE-A device testing solution, based on its Development Toolset. In February Anite was first to announce support for industry-leading peak data rates for LTE-A Carrier Aggregation.