Sine-wave, motor pre-driver ICs cut vibration & power consumption

February 13, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
A series of eight single-phase BLDC motor pre-driver ICs is intended for use in high-current cooling fan applications such as PC servers and home appliances, including fridges. The TC78B006 series reduces vibration and noise by using a digital-control-type sine wave drive.

Integrated pre-drive circuitry enables the devices to drive external p-channel and n-channel MOSFETs and minimises the number of external components needed to drive motors. A power saving standby function reduces power consumption by cutting power supply to the Hall element magnetic sensor used to detect rotor position and rotation speed, whenever the motor is in standby mode.

Within the TC78B006 series, the TC78B006FNG, TC78B006AFNG, TC78B006FTG and TC78B006AFTG ICs feature PWM duty input control, while the TC78B006BFNG, TC78B006CFNG, TC78B006BFTG and TC78B006CFTG offer analogue voltage input control.

Rotation speed direction output is featured on the FNG, BFNG, FTG and BFTG ICs, while the AFNG, CFNG, AFTG and CFTG offer lock detection output. The entire TC78B006 series has an operating voltage of 3.5 to 30V, quick start function, thermal shutdown, lock protection and auto-restart. There are two package types: a 16pin SSOP measuring 5.5×6.4×1.6 mm, for the FNG, AFNG, BFNG and CFNG ICs or 16pin QFN, which measures 3×3×0.7 mm for the FTG, AFTG, BFTG and CFTG. S

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