Single-chip secure microcontroller targets multimedia-enabled portable POS terminals

November 28, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The MAX32590 secure microcontroller from Maxim Integrated Products is the company's latest DeepCover security product, specifically designed for financial terminals and new generations of trusted devices such as multimedia-enabled, portable POS terminals.

As a single-chip secure microcontroller, the chip integrates an ARM926 core capable of video playback; dual external memory controllers, and extended connectivity options including a 10/100 Ethernet MAC and a USB host and device controller. The chip features user-encryptable NVSRAM and 256-bit flip-flop key storage with instant erase capability upon tampering; dynamic sensor and environmental sensor controllers for intrusion detection; hardware cryptographic engines; and a public key-based secure bootloader. The high level of integration shrinks design size and significantly lowers implementation costs. The company also delivers a PCI-PTS 3.1 preapproved, fully functioning financial-terminal reference design.


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