Single-slot, 1 Gsample/sec, eight-channel, 8-bit PCIe Gen2 digitiser

April 15, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Agilent Technologies’ eight-channel version of its U5309A 8-bit single-slot PCIe Gen2 digitiser, that can operate directly in a PC card slot, has on-board processing, and provides new levels of channel density and minimum footprint at this level of performance.

Until now, Agilent says, users requiring an eight-channel data acquisition system had to order a three-slot cPCI chassis, including two digitiser modules and an interface card to a computer. Today they can select the single-slot, eight-channel U5309A PCIe digitiser, which has multiple advantages in cost, reliability and performance—as well as the tremendous size reduction into a single slot card. The installation is as simple as a direct plug into the computer PCIe slot, immediately providing eight channels of simultaneous acquisition.

The eight channels at 1 Gsample/sec version increases the offering of the U5309A product recently launched with its two-channel version. Channels can be interleaved to reach a 2 Gsample/sec sampling rate. Applications will also benefit from the high data throughput provided by the Gen2 eight-lane PCIe bus and the possibility to implement real-time signal processing algorithms into the on-board FPGA. Custom processing for the PCIe digitiser family (U5309A and U5303A) is created using the U5340A FPGA development kit.

“This eight-channel product should interest universities and research institutes looking for a cost-effective, high-density, very reliable and high-performance high-speed digitiser,” said Agilent’s Jean-Luc Lehmann, product manager, Embedded OEM. “New applications will certainly benefit from this product, leveraging its high-channel density—particularly for OEM customers, where small footprint is an important factor.”