SiTime’s MEMS oscillators with pre-programming, now in Europe

January 27, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor SE Spezial-Electronic (Bückeburg, Germany) is now able to offer a short-turnround service to deliver SiTime’s oscillator ICs, ready-rogrammed to a specific frequency.

As the first authorized distributor in Europe, SE Spezial-Electronic enables specification of frequency etc. directly from its online ordering pages, with delivery of components programmed in-house delivered within 24 hours.


MEMS-based oscillators, says the distributor, are no longer a niche product and are used in place of quartz-based components as high-precision timers for comms and network applications or as AEC-Q-100 qualified oscillators in Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL)-applications. Their additional advantage is individual programming. SE Spezial-Electronic is able to deliver almost quantity from single samples up to production quantities in a time. At present up to 3000 components per hour can be programmed and taped, providing a choice of eight component series and four frame sizes at the beginning.


SE Spezial-Electronic;