Slim LCD displays offer 2000:1 contrast ratios for industrial applications

September 11, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Vertical Alignment (VA) LCD technology makes it possible to realize monochrome LCD display modules with high contrast ratios, the displays background is becoming a real deep black color.

This deep black background can be paired with white as well as any other backlight color, as e.g. red, green, blue, amber, etc.

Low multiplexed segment LCDs from Data Modul can exceed contrast levels greater than 2000:1, and even graphic versions can still achieve excellent 500:1 contrast ratio. These are significantly much better contrast ratios, compared to conventional passive LCD technology. Resulting in a much higher readability and an excellent look.

Another key feature of VA displays are the very wide operating temperature ranges, being -40 to 85°C for segment LCDs and -30 to 80°C for graphic versions. This technology fully covers the high requirements of the automotive sector in relation to the operating temperature. The viewing angle of VA technology when compared to regular TN displays is much wider and can achieve up to 70 degree left/right/up/down.

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