Small-cell wireless infrastructure power amplifier

November 29, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
ANADIGICS has introduced the AWB7129 small-cell power amplifier (PA), which is optimized for Band 8 WCDMA and LTE applications, including picocells, enterprise-class femtocells, and high performance customer premises equipment (CPE).

The small-cell wireless infrastructure power amplifiers leverage the company's patented InGaP-Plus™ technology and unique design architectures to deliver best-in-class efficiency, linearity and thermal characteristics. This level of performance enables manufacturers to develop infrastructure solutions that consume less power, provide higher throughput and greater coverage, and are more thermally efficient.

The AWB7129 small-cell power amplifier is optimized for WCDMA, HSPA, and LTE small-cell base stations operating in the 925 MHz to 960 MHz frequency band and is performance optimized for 1/4 W linear output power. The power amplifier delivers 15% efficiency to minimize power requirements. With exceptional linearity of -47 dBc ACPR at ±10 MHz offset, +24.5 dBm linear output power, and 30 dB gain, the AWB7129 is optimized to provide high throughput data rates with a wide coverage area. This small-cell PA is provided in a compact, low profile 7- x 7- x 1.3-mm surface mount package with integrated RF matching to reduce PCB space requirements.