Small-footprint Bluetooth LE module output +3dBm, for 50m range

March 30, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Silicon Labs’ pre-certified Blue Gecko BGM113 module, with embedded software stack, promises developers an optimal combination of small footprint, ease of use and low-energy technology for short-range wireless applications.

Blue Gecko BGM113 module provides a small-form-factor Bluetooth 4.1-compliant connectivity solution with 3 dBm output power for applications typically requiring up to a 50 metre range, typical applications including smartphone accessories, wearable sports and fitness products, wireless locks and point-of-sale devices.


The module combines a 2.4 GHz Blue Gecko wireless SoC and a high-efficiency chip antenna into a complete, ready-to-use system. BGM113 modules are pre-loaded with Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth 4.1-compliant software stack and are field-upgradable using device firmware upgrades to Bluetooth 4.2 and beyond. As a pre-certified solution, the module minimizes the time, effort and risk required for FCC/CE/IC certifications in North America and Europe and certifications for Japan and South Korea.


The BGM113 module is footprint-compatible with Silicon Labs’ popular BLE113 Bluetooth module. This compatibility enables users to migrate to an ARM Cortex-M4 Bluetooth platform with higher application processing power and lower power consumption while opening a path for Bluetooth 4.2 upgrades.


Silicon Labs’ Blue Gecko modules and SoCs have similar technical features and identical software and application programming interfaces (APIs). This compatibility makes it easy to migrate from modules to SoCs in wireless designs with full software reuse and minimal bill of materials (BOM) cost and software development effort.


The BGM113 module is supported by Silicon Labs’ Simplicity Studio development platform and wireless software development kit (SDK). Using the familiar BASIC-like syntax of Silicon Labs’ BGScript scripting language, developers can create Bluetooth applications quickly without adding external MCUs to run the application logic. Application code can be executed on the BGM113 module, eliminating the need for an external MCU, which reduces system cost and board space and speeds time to market. Additional Simplicity Studio tools include an Energy Profiler allowing developers to optimise energy consumption and extend battery life and a Desktop Network Analyser providing full visibility of all wireless networking activity.


BGM113 module pricing begins at $4.17 (10,000)-unit quantities. The SLWSK6101B Blue Gecko wireless starter kit is priced at $99, with free SDK


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