Smaller outline for 22uF to 220uF tantalum chips; 2.0x1.2mm

May 31, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Kemet has released three new series of tantalum chip capacitors: T488 small case substrate terminal MnO2, T527 facedown polymer, and T529 small case substrate terminal polymer.

These miniaturised components offer the highest capacitance values (22 µF to 220 µF) available in both a standard 2012 (2.0x1.2 mm) and 3216 (3.2x1.6 mm) EIA case size with maximum package heights of as low as 1.0 mm, claims the manufacturer. In addition to offering a small footprint and low profile, advancements in counter-electrode technology and package design have resulted in the lowest ESR values available in the industry for these package sizes. These devices are suited for decoupling and filtering in DC/DC converters to reduce voltage drop in ultrabooks, as well as audio circuits and power management of IC-s in tablets and smart phones. These series complement KEMET's T528 capacitors.