Smallest dual supply GreenPAK interfaces differing voltage domains

December 10, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Silego Technology (Santa Clara, California) has added to its GreenPAK (GPAK) mixed-signal matrix ICs. The dual supply SLG46121V is the smallest member of the GPAK 3 family of NVM programmable devices and has dual supply capability allowing designers to flexibly interface two independent voltage domains using the programmable logic, timing, and analogue resources available in all GreenPAK 3 family devices.

The SLG46121V is the second of many planned Dual Supply GPAK products on the Silego roadmap. It features analogue comparators, look-up tables, counters, flip-flops, and other elements; it comes in a 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.55 mm 12-pin STQFN.

The SLG46121V is configured with the GPAK development hardware and simple GUI interface of GPAK Designer, allowing engineers to implement new designs and respond to changing design requirements. “With the SLG46121V Dual Supply GreenPAK 3, we have combined the capability to implement level shift with glue logic and interface functionality in the smallest GreenPAK to date,” states Sean Carty, Senior Product Marketing Engineer. “This Dual Supply GreenPAK 3 offers our customers an incredible amount of flexibility in such a small device.”

Silego Technology;