Smallest sensor for LED lighting & IoT; the “Artificial Eye”

November 05, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Gooee, a smart lighting ecosystem provider, has designed what it believes to be the smallest sensor for LED lighting and the Internet of Things (IoT), now including Artificial Eye technology, following an exclusive agreement with DELTA Microelectronics, European fabless ASIC design, sensor systems, lighting and optics company.

The agreement aims to create a ‘standard’ in sensing, data and control for the LED lighting industry, and sees Gooee becoming the sole provider of this Opto-ASIC technology to luminaire manufacturers. It also follows Gooee’s announcement of the exclusive partnership with EVRYTHNG’s IoT cloud platform, enabling Gooee to operate tens of millions of intelligent light endpoints in a global network.

With multiple environmental, human and LED performance sensing capabilities, the ASIC will be able to detect motion, direction, ambient light, LED colour temperature (CCT) variance, LED lux variance and ASIC operating temperature - all packaged in a 5 x 5 mm chip.

A step closer to connecting LED lighting manufacturers to the IoT with its unique ‘Full-Stack’ operating platform, Gooee has partnered with DELTA to focus on co-engineering and further developing more advanced sensing capabilities.

Founded in March 2014 Gooee has been in development for two years. DELTA has a track record of more than 70 years, with a 35-year history in module manufacturing with companies such as Nordic Semiconductor and IBM.

Gooee is also co-developing a new Bluetooth meshing protocol with, it says, “a major Wireless IC provider”. This technology, along with the other on-premise components of Gooee's ecosystem, will allow light fixtures to communicate two-way, enabling control, sensing, human engagement and asset tracking - all fully integrated into its enterprise cloud platform. 

DELTA Microelectronics;

DELTA Microelectronics is a European company in ASIC services for the semiconductor industry. DELTA's services include module manufacturing, ASIC design, layout, test development, wafer supply, production testing, package development and assembly, components supply, logistics and supply chain management. DELTA’s development and production facilities are based in Denmark and the UK, with service partners in Europe and Asia. Its focus area is IOT Artificial Eye technology, RFID controllers, sensor interfaces and payment systems.


GOOEE's ‘Full-Stack’ operating platform connects lighting manufacturers to the IoT. Focused on design, engineering and supply of hardware, software