SmartCoDe European project looks at energy-efficient management systems

December 10, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The “SmartCoDe” project, coordinated by edacentrum in the context of the 7th EU research framework programme, stands for Smart Control of Demand for consumption and supply.

The project's goal is to enable balanced, energy-positive buildings and neighbourhoods and aims to offer the market energy-efficient management systems for only little added cost. The purpose of intelligent energy management is to control various kinds of electrical devices at home in a smart and clever way while at the same time integrating local renewable energy resources.

At the core of the SmartCoDe concept is a highly-integrated chip which can be integrated as a compact module in a wide variety of household appliances. In addition to data collection by the consumer the chip offers the possibility of an intelligent operation of the equipped appliances controlled by a centralized energy-management system.

“The SmartCoDe project actually implements the interface between energy consumer and supplier”, Peter Neumann, SmartCoDe project coordinator and project manager at edacentrum, explained. “The compact modules developed in the project enable us to monitor the energy consumption of households, to automatically schedule its consumption to off-peak hours and to reduce its overall consumption of energy”, he added.

Peter Neumann, SmartCoDe project coordinator and project manager at edacentrum, demonstrates how a local grid of renewable energy resources and various kinds of electrical devices at home could be managed with intelligent energy management controls in a smart and clever way. Picture: edacentrum


To make up for the huge demand for knowledge on the topic the SmartCoDe project partner and associated partner have published a book at Springer Publishers (ISBN: 978-1-4419-8794-5 for print and 978-1-4419-8795-2 for the online version). The intention of the editors Christoph Grimm (Technical University of Kaiserslautern), Peter Neumann (edacentrum) and Stefan Mahlknecht (Technical University of Vienna) is to give a comprehensive overview to embedded systems for smart appliances and their role in energy management.

The dedicated focus is on the interdisciplinary interaction of various scientific research areas - topics are the smart grid, decentralised renewable energy generation, energy management in buildings, cyber-physical systems, the development of low-power microelectronic