Smartphone serves as instrument display via integrated web server

May 30, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
In response to the increasing trend to the Internet of Things and its manufacturing-specific manifestation, industry 4.0, measurement technology expert imc Messsysteme GmbH (Berlin) equips all its measurement systems and instruments with their own web server. The instrument thus gets its own "homepage" which can be accessed and visualised by any smartphone, tablet or office computer capable of running a web browser without requiring any specific software.

The spectrum of possible applications ranges from employing a smartphone or tablet computer as mobile display to controlling connected test stands within the local area network and to monitoring remote wind energy installations across the Internet.

imc's REMOTE web server has a built-in web designer wizard, enabling customers to quickly and easily create the specific instrument homepage. Pre-built display and control building blocks can be positioned and connected with measurement channels and functions simply by drag-and-drop. Display options range from simple alphanumeric representation to graphical controls such as scales, buttons and switches, enabling users to trigger measurement activities.

Because the measurement system is connected across the Internet, it is advisable to encrypt the communication between system and terminal. Towards this end, the software supports the https protocol, ensuring a secure connection that locks out eavesdroppers and other unauthorised access.

Remote monitoring and testing are state of the art today, in particular in development and test environments, the company said. This concept enables data acquisition and reduction located closely to the sensors. These data then are transferred across the internet or stored in the cloud. The vision for the future is an unmanned, automated measurement data acquisition where the data are stored in the cloud and specific user requests are processed and generated automatically through intelligent signal analysis.

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