SMT wire-to-board connector integrates push-button latch

April 18, 2014 // By Julien Happich
With a profile height of just 4.20mm, Molex’ Lite-Trap SMT wire-to-board connector system is aimed at thin LED lighting-module applications.

This push-button style connector provides one of the lowest profile and wire insertion force available on the market today compared to wire-removable type connectors.

The termination method of the Lite-Trap connector is similar to the established Wire Trap connectors Molex introduced, as well as certain ‘poke-in’ types, but requires a lower wire insertion force. A stripped wire is inserted into the connector and pushes open a dual-contact gate-style terminal design that ’traps‘ the wire, providing a secure electrical contact and high wire-retention force.

The Lite-Trap connector also features a user-friendly latch that is easy for operators to engage and disengage without the use of a tool. A wire stopper feature facilitates correct wire insertion depth placement.


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