Socionext enters production with upgrade Camera Front Engine

September 30, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Socionext – the company formed from the specialist SoC interests of Fujitsu, has announced volume production of its MB86S29 “MH-1”, a ‘camera front engine’ specialised for Bayer data processing, that accommodates new functions of the industry’s latest image sensors.

The MB86S29 is the latest Milbeaut Image Processor product from Socionext and is designed primarily for smartphones. By accommodating new functionalities of the latest image sensors, the MB86S29 lets module makers implement these functions without replacing their application processors.

Smartphones and other mobile devices are frequently configured with application processors (AP) equipped with built-in image signal processor (ISP) functionalities. These APs can directly process output from image sensors, and help reduce the footprint and cost of camera modules. The MB86S29 supports this trend as a "Camera Front Engine" that replaces conventional ISPs. Connected in between an image sensor and an AP, it is specifically configured for Bayer data processing, so users can configure their APs with the same interface directory connected to image sensors, and to make full use of phase detect auto focus (AF) or high dynamic range (HDR).

The MB86S29 has four lanes each of 2.1 Gbps MIPI Rx / Tx. It can process 16M pixel images at 30 frame per second (fps). It is also applicable for noise reduction, shading correction, and 3A (AE / AF / AWB) detection. It is available in the smallest package of any member of the Milbeaut series, at 4 x 4mm.