Software-development-management tool “takes Agile to new levels”

January 10, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Hansoft, author of tools for agile team collaboration and management, has released Hansoft 7.5 that takes agile techniques to new levels.

Hansoft is a tool for team collaboration and management in agile software development. The tool has the unique ability to combine different methods, like agile, lean and Gantt in the same real-time view. It is also a collaboration tool, making teams closer than ever. Being a native application, available for Windows, OS X and Linux, Hansoft claims to be faster, smoother and more secure than any web based tool.

“Hansoft 7.5 contains a number of improvements based on user-feedback, especially from our enterprise clients using Hansoft to scale agile super-large. Compared to other tools, Hansoft has proven particularly fit in large development environments with several parallel development streams, for the teams, programs and on the portfolio level. These organisations typically have complex release trains, use multiple developments methods and work on different OS platforms,” said Patric Palm, Hansoft CEO.

“Flexible release tagging” is one of the new features that will make life easier for large organisations, allowing them to face a reality of multiple releases mixed from several dimensions, for example targeting several releases in one sprint and managing complex release trains. The sprint burndown has also been improved with an ideal burndown line, exclusion of non-working days and the option to turn off sprint prediction.

New features in Hansoft 7.5 include;

Flexible release tagging: that allows targeting several releases in one sprint, and that lets you do release planning in the product backlog and capture emergent work in sprints on the fly

Improved sprint burndown charts

Status summary improvements: Subprojects shows “In progress” when they contain unfinished items; Items with “To be deleted”- status are excluded from the summary

More about Hansoft 7.5;