Software simplifies multichannel data acquisition systems

July 14, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
With its AcqirisMAQS product line, Keysight Technologies says it has a unique hardware and software combination that helps engineers and scientists discover what has never been seen before

The latest version of the U1092A AcqirisMAQS Multichannel Acquisition Software is an application providing massively multichannel acquisition systems, that make use of Keysight’s latest technologies, including the recently-introduced M9709A AXIe 8-bit high-speed digitiser.

AcqirisMAQS software is designed specifically for large multichannel acquisition and enables configuration management as well as visualisation of data for hundreds of channels from a single console. The client-server architecture supports remote operation, making it possible for the data acquisition system to be distributed over a LAN. This high-density, compact solution is currently being used for advanced physics experiments.

The fully configurable graphical user interface allows engineers and scientists to easily select instruments and measurement channels for the configuration of the acquisition parameters. Acquired data is presented in multiple, powerful display windows for immediate viewing. Each data display window is fully configurable, including the selection of the number of plot areas and axes. Additional display functions provide multi-record overlay, persistence, frequency spectrum (FFT with choice of windowing and selectable section of the signal) and scalar computations on each trace. A special option for triggered single shot experiments adds an advanced configuration manager, digitizer memory protection locking and fail-safe operation.

“We were proud to learn that one of our customers routinely uses our product for single-shot experiments with up to 300 channels,” said Levent Erbüke, software quality lead, Keysight Software & Modular Solutions. “This version of AcqirisMAQS adds a new dimension in massively multichannel acquisition systems by adding support for our latest generation of products, such as the M9709A, 32 channels, AXIe high-speed digitiser... providing engineers and scientists with research insights never seen before.”

Keysight’s multichannel digitisers contain all the timing and synchronisation technologies needed to create synchronous sampling across tens or hundreds of channels at a time. For example, a reliable triggering and synchronisation is essential to correctly recreate the event or process from captured data. More information about simplifying high-speed multichannel acquisition systems is available in