Software test; Vector Software's VectorCAST talks to Esterel SCADE Suite

October 01, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Vector Software, provider of tools to ensure embedded software quality, can now offer integration between its VectorCAST test solution and the Esterel SCADE Suite LifeCycle Qualified Testing Environment (QTE).

Engineers using the tool chain can integrate model-based application development with the SCADE Suite, and automatically generate the target test environment and supporting test cases using VectorCAST — providing an on-target testing capability which validates that the software execution behaves as expected.

Model-based applications developed with the SCADE Suite can now be automatically tested with VectorCAST, ensuring that the embedded application is running as anticipated on the target. Additionally, with the support of VectorCAST's Change-Based Testing capability, updates to the model can quickly and efficiently be verified without the need to revalidate unmodified code generated from the model. These features significantly reduce the regression effort typically expended to generate and verify test cases during development testing and final verification on target. In this way, organisations are able to ensure their designs are fully tested to meet tight time-to-market windows, and demanding safety-critical standards.

The SCADE QTE is a module that allows developers of certifiable applications using the SCADE Suite to automate running test cases created during model-based verification activities on the host and the target, thus allowing a complete verification workflow from high-level requirements-based testing on the model down to integration testing on the target. Both the SCADE LifeCycle QTE tool and VectorCAST are qualified as Off-The-Shelf for DO-178C (DO-330 TQL-5 qualification). Using the VectorCAST and SCADE QTE tool chain, conformity report generation, and source and model coverage measurements are automated, enabling significant time and cost savings over manual testing.

“By offering an integrated embedded modeling and test solution, we are able to extend the benefits of design, certification and testing in one seamless environment”, said Bill McCaffrey, Chief Operating Officer, Vector Software. “This integration with the Esterel SCADE QTE solution furthers Vector Software’s goal of making software test a rapid, intuitive way to engineer robust applications that meet safety-critical standards.”

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