Software tool company Code Redacquired by NXP

April 29, 2013 // By Nick Flaherty
NXP Semiconductors has bought embedded tool vendor Code Red Technologies in a move to strengthen its own microcontroller eco-system.

The move will be a blow to other Code Red partners such as Freescale, Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics, and may create an issue with other tool vendors including ARM's Keil division.
Code Red has developers in Cambridge, UK and San Francisco already working closely with NXP, and details of the deal were not disclosed.
Last week NXP introduced the first standalone debug adapter that can link a variety of popular IDEs (integrated development environments) to any microcontroller development board. The LPCXpresso-IDE, developed by Code Red, works out of the box with LPC-Link 2. In addition, several firmware images are available for LPC-Link 2 which make it compatible with other tools, including the popular SEGGER J-Link and the CMSIS-DAP debugger designed by ARM.
“LPC-Link 2 provides embedded developers with unprecedented flexibility and choice, enabling them to connect their favourite IDEs and development tools to nearly any type of board, at a very low cost,” said Henrik Flodell, tools and embedded ecosystem manager for the microcontroller business line at NXP Semiconductors. “With close to 100,000 LPCXpresso boards shipped so far, we’re very excited about the introduction of LPC-Link 2 and how it will help to expand the LPCXpresso ecosystem even further.”
The LPC-Link2 is available from NXP as OM13054 for $20.00.