SOIC packages for consumer, industrial CMOS logic ICs

February 17, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Toshiba Electronics Europe has a line of CMOS logic ICs in small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) packages: the 74HCxxxD series. These products support flow and reflow soldering, and are suitable for industrial equipment and digital home appliances with logic levels of 6V and lower.

The 63 new part numbers in the 74HCxxxD series consist of the most commonly used 74-series logic functions, bringing the total number of CMOS logic ICs offered by Toshiba to more than 300. The ICs are available in industry standard packages of SOIC14, SOIC16, and SOIC20, and include a range of functionalities such as various gate types, flip flops, buffers, multiplexers, serial/parallel shift registers and more.


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