Soldering assembly/rework stations are laboratory-compatible

April 09, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor RS Components has introduced the WXR 3 range of all-in-one rework stations, the latest additions to Weller’s WX family of products: the space-efficient rework range with smart power management cuts acquisition costs and energy consumption.

Compatible with all of Weller’s WX ‘intelligent’ tools, the WXR 3 is a 600W 3-channel rework with features including traceability and bench top controlat, the distributor says, competitive pricing. Extending the range of Weller soldering equipment available from RS, the new WXR 3 provides a cost-effective way to acquire combined soldering, desoldering and hot air capabilities for a wide range of applications including laboratory or production use.

Three different kits are available that offer the choice of 65W or 120W WXP soldering irons, 120W horizontal (WXDP) or vertical-use (WXDV) desoldering tools and a 200W WXHAP Hot Air Pencil. All the kits, WXR 3030, WXR 3031 and WXR 3032, feature a self-contained vacuum air pump, a vacuum pickup unit that allows accurate component placement, WX tools with motion sensor control, and three safety rests.

The 600W WXR 3 power unit common to all the kits features intelligent power management to maintain optimum tool temperatures with the least energy consumption for increased service life and economy. The WXR 3 can also be purchased separately, without tools or accessories, for customers wanting to upgrade at the lowest cost by connecting their existing Weller WX tools to the all-in-one power unit.

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