Soleriq E LED offers up to 4500 lm even at high ambient temperatures

May 21, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Osram Opto Semiconductor's the first chip-on-board LED, the Soleriq, achieves a luminous flux of 1500 lm to 4500 lm even at high application temperatures. This makes them ideal for downlights with high performance requirements. The Soleriq E is now available in two versions from distributor Rutronik.

Downlights provide high-quality background lighting for a wide range of applications including shopping malls, offices, industrial buildings and high-end residential premises. With a luminous flux of 1500 lm to 4500 lm, only one LED of the new Soleriq series is needed to give such a luminaire enough light. This makes designing luminaires much easier because only one component has to be integrated instead of lots of LEDs. The individual chips of a Soleriq E are all under the conversion layer (chip-on-board), giving the impression of a homogeneous light emitting surface. This ensures a uniform color and light appearance in the luminaire and even coupling into external light-guiding optics is very simple. The light generated can be used with much lower optical losses, which in turn makes the LED lamps and luminaires more efficient. 

The Soleriq E is available in two versions, covering the entire color spectrum from 2700 to 6500 K. Even at a temperature of 85°C, which corresponds closely to the temperature in the application, the two LEDs offer an impressive efficiency of 103 lm/W at 4000 K. At this temperature the larger Soleriq E 45 achieves a typical brightness of 4000 lm (rated current 880 mA); the smaller Soleriq E 30 produces a lumen output of 2700 lm (at 600 mA). 

Good color homogeneity is achieved by the narrow white grouping of the Soleriq E, corresponding to a range of 4-step MacAdam ellipses. For solutions that need a particularly high level of color homogeneity, grouping based on 2-step MacAdam ellipses is also available. 

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