Space-qualified fuses in thin-film, surface mount format

February 02, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
The result of a collaboration between ESA (European Space Agency) and Schurter (Lucerne, Switzerland) two new fuse type are qualified by the ESA for use in space. The European Space and Research and Technology Center (ESTEC) (Netherlands) has certified Schurter’s HCSF fuse.

This follows the qualification, eight years ago, of the MGA-S; Schurter is still the only Swiss and European supplier of fuses with this qualification. The MGA-S is a SMD (surface mounting device) fuse, which is manufactured with thin-film technology and is hermetically sealed with the ceramic housing and designed to be extremely robust. Similarly, the new HCSF fuse was developed for applications with higher rated currents.

Both fuses meet the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry, e.g., consistent properties during operation in a high vacuum or an acceleration of 1,600g. Further relevant details about the products are listed in the respective data sheets. Each article delivered goes through a specified burn-in test lasting 168 hr at 85°C and 96% of the rated current. As a result, the failure rate of the fuse during operation is practically reduced to zero. The products are provided with an extensive test report.