Space-saving 600V MOSFETs from Vishay, in distribution

November 16, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Rutronik (Ispringen, Germany) is highlighting n-channel devices in the compact PowerPAK SO-8L-package from Vishay, extended that supplier’s offering of 600V and 650V E Series power MOSFETs.

At 5 x 6 mm, the Vishay Siliconix MOSFETs SiHJ8N60E (600V) and SiHJ6N65E and SiHJ7N65E (650V) occupy only half the board space compared to MOSFETs in the TO-252 (DPAK) package. Compared to MOSFETs in leadless DFN packages, they increase reliability. Their reduced package inductance increases performance at higher operating frequencies. Vishay’s MOSFETs offer very low on-resistances from 0.52 Ω at 10V and ultra-low gate charge from 17 nC, reducing conduction and switching losses. They withstand high energy pulses in the avalanche and commutation modes.