Specialist Italian Wi-Fi Design Consultancy joins Ismosys Design Partners

March 26, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Ismosys, part of the Spectrum Electronics Group has added Wiicom s.r.l. to its Design Partner Program (DPP), bringing the number of partners in the program to 23.

Founded in Italy in 2012 Wiicom is a start-up company of I3P, the Innovative Enterprise Incubator of the Politecnico of Torino, Italy’s main university-based technology incubator. The company builds on its intellectual property (IP) and experience in the design and manufacture of compact and robust control and monitoring systems to offer a highly specialised IEEE 802.11bgn Wi-Fi consultancy spanning product research, product design & development and product manufacturing.

The Italian company has a four-stage client engagement process; Concept, Feasibility, Prototype and Production phases. In the third of these, p re-production models are assembled and tested, ensuring that all relevant EMI and safety standards are fully complied with, before β-samples are produced for client and end customer(s) evaluation. In the transfer to production, the company establishes the optimum production/assembly process and if required, advises on the use of automatic test equipment.

“A client can choose to entrust Wiicom with the entire design & development process or to employ Wiicom’s skills and capabilities in a particular part(s) of the engagement process to complement its own in-house design and development team,” said Gary Plumley, Ismosys DPP Business Development Manager.

“Ismosys plays a major role in the sales and marketing success of major application specific silicon vendors,” said Paolo Landolfo, Wiicom’s Sales & Marketing Manager. “The Ismosys DPP is pro-actively supported by Altera and Semtech - which in itself makes the company a very appealing partner for us - but also represents among others Airgain, a leading embedded ‘smart’ Wi-Fi antenna wireless systems developer, and so already enjoys close business relationship with much of our target demographic.”