SPI NOR Flash surpasses AEC-Q100 reliability tests

June 11, 2015 // By Julien Happich
Solid State Supplies has announced a series of AEC-Q100-certified SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) multiple-I/O NOR Flash memory ICs from AMIC Technology. Specified for operation over the –40 to +125°C temperature range, the addition of AEC-Q100 certification for the AMIC A25L series of 3V SPI NOR Flash devices makes them well suited for automotive and other industrial applications.

Furthermore, a key feature of the series is that these SPI products are based on a robust and well-proven 90nm process technology platform, rather than being implemented in the latest 65nm Flash technologies. This means the delivery of high levels of reliability and long-term sustainability for highly demanding application supply chains.
The AMIC SPI Flash series is available in a number of memory densities ranging from 512K up to 64Mbit, and in a range of package styles including SOP, DIP, USON, WSON and BGA.
The ICs have a maximum clock rate of 100MHz, operate from a 2.7 to 3.6V single supply voltage for read, erase and program operations and have standby currents ranging from 15μA down to 2μA for the 64Mbit devices.

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