Spring-loaded flanges reduce maintenance demands for high voltage cable assemblies

August 28, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
UK-based Essex X-Ray has extended the range of spring-loaded flanges they manufacture for use with their high voltage cable assemblies. The enhanced-performance flanges are now compatible with all their cable assemblies; covering voltages up to 300 kV.

The company claims that the sprung flanges can simplify installation, reduce maintenance and help increase the working life of high-voltage cables.

In operation the constant tension created by the multi-spring flanges ensures an even pressure is exerted on the contacts and all round the seals, regardless of external conditions. Routine checks on the tightness of connections and the condition of the seals can be reduced, and with the minimized risk of arcing and tracking within the connector assembly the cable system can benefit from an extended working life.

Sprung flanges are also easily retro-fitted in existing installations.

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