SQL database software on power-efficient RZ/A MCUs from Renesas

February 22, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
ITTIA Database Software (Bellevue, Washington) has collaborated with Renesas Electronics America to provide data storage and analysis for Renesas' RZ/A Series of microprocessors (MPUs).

The combination of ITTIA DB SQL and Renesas’ RZ/A MPUs enables manufacturers of embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to collect, store, search and share data on at the local end-point device.


ITTIA DB SQL captures large volumes of data on flash media and offers embedded developers working with the RZ/A MPUs standard technologies such as SQL and the relational model, which are commonly found in enterprise RDBMS products, in a compact package. This allows developers to build robust, mission-critical systems that analyze information to make complex decisions at the point of origin.


"The deluge of data generated by all of the connected devices in the IoT ecosytem requires a robust and reliable method to store, search, and analyze the data," said Semir Haddad, Director of Marketing, MCU and MPU Solutions, Renesas Electronics America. "By integrating the ITTIA DB SQL with our RZ/A MPUs, Renesas enables embedded developers to manage data locally as well as implement analytics and algorithms at the end-point device."


The high-performance, low-power Renesas RZ/A MPU embedded with ITTIA DB SQL provides intelligent data processing capability while data distribution in ITTIA DB SQL enables applications to achieve high availability. This equips engineers with the right hardware and software tools for prototyping, development, and integration with other components, such as a real-time operating system, graphical user interface, file systems, etc., in the early stages of development.


This supported and documented total solution combines an AR Cortex- A9 processor with large on-chip RAM on RZ/A, graphics processing and standard interfaces necessary to collect, store, and communicate data with other embedded systems and gateway IoT devices. The on-chip RAM eliminates the need to add external memory and the complexity of routing high speed memory signals, making for an extremely compact embedded platform with an MPU. This platform of hardware and embedded database software offers safe and efficient data storage on flash media.


ITTIA; www.ittia.com/platforms/renesas