Stackable PCI/104-Express, 150W ATX PSU

February 10, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
ADL Embedded Solutions’ ADLPS104ISO-150 is a 150W power supply board with long-life ratings. It’s designed to meet the needs of high-powered Intel Core industrial and embedded motherboards by providing robust ATX voltages in a stackable PCI/104-Express form factor and is designed for -40C to +85C operation.

The board provides up to 500V of galvanic isolation from dirty power and unwanted transients. The power supply is tailored to work in conjunction with ADL Embedded Solutions’ a SBCs with sufficient headroom for inrush startup currents, and quiescent operation with multiple peripheral cards.

The ADLPS104ISO-150 has an MTBF > 600,000 hrs, is designed for extended temperature operation, and can be ruggedised for MIL-STD 810 and rugged industrial applications. It also features ATX compliant signalling to allow ACPI/APM power management from within compliant operating systems. The ADLPS104ISO-150 is available in two variants, one allowing an input voltage range of 7-36V but providing only the 5V, 5VS, and 3.3V outputs, the other with a narrower input voltage range of 15-36V but providing 5V, 5VS, 3.3V and 12V outputs. A MILCOTS filter option for MIL-STD 704/1275/461 applications is also available.

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