Start-up creates innovative LED light bulb

February 11, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Canadian start-up company Nanolight has developed a 100-watt light bulb equivalent in LED technology which delivers a luminous flux of better than 1600 lumens, though it consumes just 12 Watt of electric power. Though this is not the "world's most efficient light bulb", as they claimed, it still equals a very good efficiency of 133 lumens per watt.

While LED-based equivalents for relatively low-wattage incandescent bulbs are readily available in any supermarket around the corner, 100-watt equivalents are still rare. The Nanolight LED bulb addresses this market. The combination of high efficiency and a less populated market niche is not the only factor that makes this lamp unique: It is also the design. The funder trio went to great lengths to make this illuminant look unusual. The rationale for this design (see image) is not only based on aesthetic considerations but also provides a light distribution characteristic of almost 360 degrees - very similar to common light bulbs. Hitherto, the somewhat focused beam of LED luminaires was (and is) something that makes users hesitate to switch from incandescent bulbs or CFLs to LEDs.

What's more, the Nanolight prototype is designed to work on a very broad voltage range which makes it usable almost everywhere in the world; in addition, it is less susceptible to brown-outs than CFLs. The LED lamp is also dimmable.

The question of mass production is yet unclear. So far, the Nanolight founder trio demonstrated a prototype. They have launched a crowd funding project to fund the production cost, and they said they already have started procuring the materials for the first production batch. Production start is scheduled for February 18, most likely in the Guangzhou region in China. Their crowd funding project already by far exceeded their expectations: With almost three more weeks to go, the trio already collected almost $180.000 - far more than they initially aimed at.

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