Start-up proposes interpreting gesture via muscle activity

December 04, 2013 // By Julien Happich
With its wearable armband Myo, North American startup Thalmic Labs records and interprets the electric signals of the wearer’s forearm muscle activity to accurately distinguish between different gestures and movements.

The decoded gestures can then be transmitted wirelessly over Bluetooth low energy to control any smart device.

To ensure accurate results, this electromyography-based gesture control device not only measures the electrical signals produced in the muscles of the user's arm, it also cross-references the data with a 9-axis inertial measurements unit including a gyroscope, a magnetometer and an accelerometer. The Myo is powered by an on-board rechargeable lithium ion battery. 

Potential applications include business presentations, gaming, remote control, healthcare, safe industrial machinery and automation control, and assisted-living products for the elderly or disabled.

"We believe the Myo gives people a much more natural way to control technology," adds Sameera Banduk, Marketing Director at Thalmic Labs. "And we see the future of human interface and control being wearable."

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