STMicroelectronics completes IP and talent acquisition from projection-technology innovator bTendo

August 06, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
STMicroelectronics has acquired the intellectual property and hired most of the staff of the Israeli projection-technology start-up company, bTendoto accelerate the propagation of the technology.

The move follows a successful joint development effort between the companies.

The development effort, which has been aimed at combining bTendo’s innovative Scanning Laser Projection engine with ST’s leading MEMS expertise, video processing know-how and semiconductor process technology, has produced evaluation samples ideally suited, because of their small size and low power consumption, for integration into next-generation smartphones, digital cameras and laptops. These samples are now in the hands of potential customers.

The Scanning Laser Projection engine produces a focus-free high-resolution output that will allow users to display their video, pictures and presentations virtually anywhere. The bTendo innovative solution provides the smallest foot print available in the market with the best efficiency and meets the toughest mobile-makers design requirements. In particular, in a module smaller than 1.7 cm3 and less than 5 mm high, the projection engine is ideally suited for integration in even the sleekest smartphones and other portable devices.

“As a pioneer and the industry’s leading innovator in MEMS, we’re making pico-projectors small, power-friendly, and convenient enough to suit smart phones, digital cameras and laptops,” said Benedetto Vigna, Executive Vice President and General Manager of ST’s Analog, MEMS and Sensors Group. ”Combining ST’s IP and technical expertise with bTendo’s Scanning Laser Projection engine is enabling us to meet the demands of the emerging market of embedded projectors in next-generation portable consumer devices while preparing to simultaneously open up new markets.”

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