ST’s free EMC simulator uses targeted version of Keysight ADS

June 28, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Configured as an aid for design for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), this free online simulation tool compares and contrasts electrical performance of ESD-protection devices and their impact on signal integrity: it is intended to enable the best component choice for the target application, avoiding design spins, delays, and related expenses.

You can, ST says, protect today’s smart devices by making shirt pockets, car dashboards, office desks, and other statically dangerous locations safer through the introduction of this software tool that guides the selection of the correct protection components. Human-body-carried charges (and discharges) may present a growing threat to increasingly delicate chips in devices such as smartphones and tablets, computers, or televisions. Exposed ports such as USB or HDMI sockets are especially vulnerable to these electrostatic discharges. The protection circuitry needed to handle ESD energy often requires testing with a real prototype where late design changes add to costs and cause delays.


ST’s free online software tool, ESD-SIM, is capable of assessing both circuit protection and signal integrity, to help select the right ESD-protection components from ST’s portfolio before hardware is built. ST has adopted Keysight EEsof EDA software, including ADS, for design and simulation as it is the gold standard for high-frequency and high-speed simulation. Now, ESD-SIM makes the ADS simulator available online, for evaluation of ST’s protection components.


ESD-SIM now allows engineers to finalize their choice of ESD protection at an early stage and move on to design higher-value product features without fear of encountering extra costs and delays later in the project.


ESD-SIM has been created for ST by tools specialist Transim, with simulation powered by Keysight’s ADS . ESD-SIM provides a quick and easy way to evaluate the performance of ST devices using the industry-standard high-speed/high-frequency SPICE simulation engine in ADS. The validation output of the online tool is free of charge, and it provides an ADS workspace to jumpstart the design process in commercially available design software.


“As a free tool, ESD-SIM will change the way all engineers design their circuit boards, and eliminate the hassles associated with last-minute changes to correct unforeseen problems,” said Torsten Goebner, Development and Engineering Manager at Transim.


The tool uses ST’s TVS (Transient