Subscriber line interface circuit in a 10x10mm single package

September 27, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Lantiq's DUSLIC-xT single package SLIC (Subscriber Line Interface Circuit) is aimed at reducing system cost for voice telephony on xDSL, fiber and cable gateways.

The circuit provides all necessary functions to implement voice telephony in broadband customer premise equipment, allowing manufacturers to use a single design for both single- and two-channel voice line systems.
Measuring just 10x10mm in pin-to-pin compatible single- and dual-channel versions, the device allows system manufacturers to use a single PCB card for one or two voice circuits. A Bill of Materials saving of 30 percent compared to competitor’s legacy solutions and the ability to implement designs on a 2-layer PCB allows system manufacturers to offer systems with voice telephony with Central Office grade performance and full wideband (16 kHz/16 bit) support at optimized system cost. DUSLIC-xT supports industry standard (GR-909) line test requirements and additional unique tests such as electronic ring detection to validate lines that have no handset attached.

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