Super-flat, non-contacting rotary sensor

January 13, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Made by Novotechnik, the German sensor and sensor systems specialist, and available in the UK via Variohm EuroSensor, the RFD series is a super-flat non-contacting Hall Effect rotary sensor.

Amongst magnetic technologies, Hall Effect-based sensors yield absolute measurements which are reliable even under tough environmental conditions. Their relatively low cost in comparison with other measurement technologies makes them suitable for a broad range of applications in machine engineering and plant design as well as for mobile applications.

The RFD component series of non-contacting Hall Effect-based components is mechanically and electrically compatible with its predecessor, the RFA, at a lower cost, with no technological compromises. The sensors are suitable for measurement angles of up to 360°. They offer a 12-bit resolution and an independent linearity of ±0.5%, and they are available in single, partially, or completely redundant designs.

The flat sensor housing measures 7 mm in height. It is made of a sturdy thermoplastic material, and its two injection moulded screw mounts are reinforced with brass bushings. The matching position transducer also features a small footprint, with a diameter of 22.2mm and a height of 5.6mm. It, too, is constructed of a thermoplastic material with injection moulded brass bushings. Lateral installation offsets of ±1.5mm will not compromise measurement integrity.


Variohm EuroSensor;