Supplier grouping forms Embedded Tools Alliance

March 09, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
A number of companies active in the embedded tools sector have announced the formation of a new collaborative body for embedded system development - the Embedded Tools Alliance (ETA).

The companies involved in the Alliance, hold to the view that a fragmented market with with a large number of suppliers is not a negative, stating, “Some large vertically integrated companies try to offer every component required. This approach stagnates innovation, provides limited choice, and doesn't allow customers to choose best-in-class solutions to address their project's specific needs.”


The Embedded Tools Alliance aims to help customers select the best components from a number of different suppliers, in the knowledge that the individual components are of the highest quality, proven to work together, and do exactly what's required so the customer can concentrate on their development work rather than fighting with a disparate set of legacy tools and environments.


The organisation’s stated platform is set out as;

The Embedded Tools Alliance is a collaboration of industry-leading independent embedded system vendors.

Individually our members offer high quality solutions addressing at least one aspect of embedded software development. Combined together, our members' offerings provide best-in-class solutions for embedded developers seeking the widest range of features to help complete their project on time, with the best possible technical results, and highest quality.

Through technical collaboration we ensure our products interoperate correctly, smoothly, and simply.

Through marketing and sales we promote our combined solutions to ensure we can offer our customers a superior choice of components to meet their specific requirements.”


Launch members of the Alliance comprise;


- Somnium Technologies : - supplier of embedded C/C++ development tools. “Somnium DRT is the only product on the market offering a seamless upgrade path from entry level tools to a professional, fully supported environment with leading edge debug tools and validated, highly optimized code generation using Somnium's patented resequencing technology. Using DRT will save you time, money and help you get the best technical results.”


- P&E Microcomputer Systems : - PEmicro provides high quality in-circuit