Swarm radio platform measures 50x24x6mm

September 19, 2013 // By Julien Happich
A developer of real time location services (RTLS), nanotron Technologies has expanded its swarm product family, providing additional swarm radio modules optimized for new application areas.

The latest swarm radio mini module measures 50x24x6mm and comes with a serial host interface. Mini and maxi modules have been developed to meet specific industry requirements.

The smaller unit has been designed for portable, small-size, low-profile and high-volume applications while the swarm radio maxi unit offers a higher ranging precision for mobile volume applications, it addresses precision portable applications. The different swarm radio types are interoperable over the air-interface. The application-programming interface has been expanded and harmonized to enable all swarm radios to interact seamlessly, enabling easy IP re-use. The flexible and expandable platform supports many different applications and network topologies. The radio modules help to solve several problems wherever distance monitoring and automated communication are crucial. Swarm radios can be deployed for emerging robotic, smart machine and workflow management applications.

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