Sync an array of 10 scopes at 63 GHz

March 12, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Agilent Technologies’ Infiniium Z-Series oscilloscopes can be synchronized to measure up to 40 channels simultaneously with a maximum 63-GHz real-time oscilloscope bandwidth (on up to 10 oscilloscopes).

With lowest noise and jitter measurement floors, the new oscilloscopes enable engineers to effectively test devices that incorporate the newest technologies and achieve new performance milestones. The Z-Series includes 10 models ranging from 20 to 63 GHz, all of which are bandwidth-upgradable to 63 GHz. The Z-Series also features significantly faster processing and a next-generation user interface.

Capabilities include:

- Sufficient bandwidth to capture the third harmonic on 28-, 32- and 40-Gbps digital signals;

- Updated user interface to analyse emerging technologies, including spatial modulation;

- Optional synchronisation port to allow measurements on up to 40 channels simultaneously;

- Capacitive touch screen and touch-screen-friendly controls to improve the user experience; and

- USB 3.0 offload speeds, making it significantly faster to offload and analyse data.

The Z-Series builds on technologies used in Agilent’s 90000 Q-Series oscilloscopes. They include RealEdge technology, which comprises a combination of Agilent-proprietary architectures, next-generation microcircuits/thin-film components, and advanced application of Agilent’s indium phosphide semiconductor process. RealEdge enables high-frequency capability while maintaining the industry’s lowest noise and jitter measurement floors at 75 fsec.

The option to join multiple Z-Series oscilloscopes together using Agilent software to form a system of 40 channels or more is coded option N8822A; more than 40 measurement-specific applications, include jitter, triggering and measurement software, analysis tools and full-compliance certification test suites; Infiniium offline analysis software lets engineers analyse data using oscilloscope software on a PC or laptop instead of tying up the instrument for analysis; N2807A PrecisionProbe Advanced software that helps engineers characterise and correct for cables to the full 63 GHz; and Agilent’s InfiniiMax III probing technology supports bandwidths up to 30 GHz.

Existing 90000 Q-Series units can be upgraded to Z-Series performance by adding the N2105A and N2109A upgrade kits.

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