Synchronous equipment timing sources/universal frequency translators

October 27, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Synchronous equipment timing sources/universal frequency translators

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has SyncE (synchronous Ethernet) products that now include SETS (synchronous equipment timing sources) devices and new members of the third-generation Universal Frequency Translators (UFTTM). Together these two families support ITU-T G.8262 SyncE compliance in single board or multi-board architectures with network interfaces operating at up to 100 Gigabit/sec.

This introduction consists of two SETS devices — the 82P33714 and 82P33731; and three UFT devices—the 8T49N285, 8T49N286 and 8T49N287. The SETS devices generate SyncE compliant timing references for an entire system. The UFT devices are suitable for line cards in multi-board systems to adapt SETS timing signals for local interfaces while preserving SyncE compliance. The two families have been tested together to verify provision of SyncE-compliant clocks.

The SETS devices provide flexibility to accept network synchronisation references from virtually any source including 1 pps (pulse per second) signals from GPS (global positioning system) receivers. The 82P33714 can directly time 1G PHYs; while the 82P33731 can directly time 10G PHYs. IDT adds that the technology provides a path to simplify the development of clock trees while meeting the requirements of G.8262 and other standards.

In line card applications the UFT devices deliver solid jitter performance to directly time 10G PHYs and interfaces up to 100G. They provide redundancy management, jitter attenuation and consistent phase noise performance at any loop bandwidth settings. For greater flexibility, each output differential pair can independently be used as LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL, or two CMOS. The IDT technology allows highly flexible frequency plans, including any rate conversion to unrelated output frequencies, helping engineers simplify complex clock trees.

Flexibility and ease of programmability provide the SETS and UFT devices with the ability to be used and reused in many different clock trees while reducing engineering effort. The Timing Commander tool enables a fast and easy reconfiguration of the devices.